Reference Handbook


Please use our size chart to appropriately order for your brides, because many of our gowns have some type of elasticity we request that you send the measurements in conjunction to the size. If your client is wearing over a DD, you may need to request an opened bust cup (additional $50)

Pro Tip: If a client fits the sample but their measurements match another size, ask them how they feel in the size they are wearing to gauge the ordering size. Sometimes a size 18 client may like the snug fit of a 16 or 14 if the dress has a lot of stretch.


Our FST, Forgotten Skin Tone, linings are very popular. Most dress can be lined in our FST colors. If a sample is not lined in FST there will be a fee $75 for bodice:

  • Bodice $75

  • Skirt waist to knee $100

  • Skirt waist to floor $150, $225 if the train surpasses 30”

This does not apply to ball gowns, only mermaid and fit and flare styles


Most Pantora Bridal gowns are constructed In Diamond White, we can often times make them in white however we prefer diamond white as it appear to be richer and more “tasteful.” Many of the gowns can be made in other “non bridal” colors. In the event that an item cannot be made in another color the linings can be changed, for example a diamond white sequin lace over a champagne lining.


skirt Styles

Textured skirt styles all train are 24” unless requested, trains $75 per additional foot

  • Giovanni

  • Jillian

  • Whimsy

Non textured skirt styles all train are 24” unless requested, trains $50 per additional foot

  • Full Mesh  

  • Organza

There is no charge to customize a textured into a non-textured skirt, however there is a $500 fee to change a non-textured into a texture plus additional train length. The additional train length accommodates for length and not necessarily width if the client is asking for a particularly wide train apply the same $75 fee.

Strap add on

  • 4 Carat $90

  • 2 Carat $75

  • Starlight $160

  • Mini Starlight $145

  • Double Strand $50

Neckline Changes

Hard body (boned bodice strapless) $150

Exposed cup $500, if client likes a specific style bra, we are happy to allow them to provide one.

Soft body (example: V-neck converted to a round neck)